MAC and TheBodyNeeds2 Swatch

Recently, I ordered samples from TheBodyNeeds2. Since it was sale that time, I got mine 30% off! I didn’t miss this chance and ended up a total of 26.74 dollars for 16 items, including shipping. YAAAAY! Sulit!

I think it took me over a month before I got my hands on these since the post office wasn’t calling my attention. (Excuse me, how can i know!!!)

But it’s worth the wait because the color payoff are superbly nice. What’s cool about this site is that they sell a huge range of authentic mac samples, it’s a bright idea of theirs that they started this because it will take you forever before you finish a full size one. Unless you are a pro?

Not only that, they also have their own line of loose pigments, glitter (Eye safe ones) and lippies!

Check their site from time to time because they hold sale frequently!!!

What’s inside?

Sample Pigments

Sample Mac Paint Pots

Sample Mac Fuildline


Top to Bottom:  Naked, Vanilla, Melon, Copper Sparkle, Rose

My night eye make-up ready colors

L-R: Violet, Pastorale, Grape, Holo-Gold, Holo Eye Glitter



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