120 palette Version 1

Yesterday, I arrived at home a little late because I went to my friend’s house to do thesis. HUHUHU So much things to do= the only downside of a graduating student.

Look what greeted me, a package was sitting pretty on my bed! hihi

It came with a bubble wrap! 



This is one proof that not all cheap is ugly, agree? You won’t believe me but this thing is just priced 600. You read that right, IT’S ONLY 600 for 120 amazing colors. The colors are highly pigmented, vibrant, amazing, fantastic and all that. I am completely blown off that there were just a few colors that are powdery/chalky. It includes a good variety of all finishes: matte, glitter, shimmer, and frost.

TIP: If you want the colors to really pop, you can use primer under that. It’s also for longevity purpose.

Don’t expect the size of this to be really big because it’s just comparable to a 25c coin. I recommend this to all make-up artist and to the wanna be’s like me who want to create different looks from day to night time to avant garde ones! HAHAHA


You can get this from Make-Up VIII. GRAB ONE NOW!


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