Last week, I posted here that I’ll be joining a fundraising project for the habagat victims. I was so lucky that they moved our ETAR exams earlier, indeed an answered prayer. I felt like this is super meant for me! HAHAHA

Oh boy, the people that I got to work with in this project were real artists! I was just like a fan girl looking at them pros. It was fascinating to watch them in the sense that they really know what they were doing.

I also admire them for coming together for one cause, despite their status and popularity. So yeah, kudos to Ms. Pia Perey for organizing this and for giving me the opportunity to to take part in helping and showing my skillzzz.

(Make-up by Au Mauricio)

One of my idols, Nanan Villalba of MakeupbyNanivon

I swear, he is humble to the highest level! 🙂

When I told him, “I look up to you”. He asked me to show him my work and he gave my  thumbs up! *Kilig*

This is our director. Isn’t he cute!?Another genius, designer Veejay Floresco. I super love his collection!

This is Au Mauricio, working her magic on Pia Perey.

The neat and OC hairstylist Iwa Ajinomoto.

The next series of photos are just me working:

Till next time!


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